Texas Metal Roof

Clark Roofing was contracted to install the roof on a new home being built in Abbott, Texas. The project called for a Caliber Metal 26 gauge standing seam roof in galvalume color totaling 6,200 square feet. 

Galvanized steel is a popular form of steel roofing material. Galvalume metal uses a coating combination of aluminum and zinc rather than just zinc making it similar to Galvanized steel.

We installed this Texas metal roof in less than a week. Metal roofs have many benefits including durability. Metal roofing is highly resistant to hail and wind damage. Metal roofs are also low maintenance, and they are one of most energy efficient types of roofs. Metal roofs reflect a larger share of the sun’s rays and homeowners can save up 20 to 30 percent on air conditioning costs.

As you may know, Abbott is where one of Texas’ biggest songwriters, Willie Nelson, grew up.