Our Team

Experienced, Budget-Conscience, Detail-Oriented

Dakota is a Central Texas native. Raised in Lorena, Texas, he earned an Agricultural Leadership and Development (ALED) degree from Texas A&M. After graduation, he worked in logistics at L3 in Waco and then at Lehigh’s Waco Plant. 

While Dakota held those  two corporate jobs, he also moonlighted for J. Michael Clark Builders, specifically on the roofing side of the business. After learning that his corporate job could be transferred out of state, he decided to stay in Central Texas to pursue roofing full-time. Plus, he was dating Clark’s daughter, Mandi. Today, Dakota and Mandi are married with two children. Click here to learn more about Dakota.

Mike Anderson

GM, Commercial Estimator

“Mike’s experience is unmatched, and his attention to detail is incredible.”

Dakota Hansen

Joseph Hardy

Residential Sales Manager

“A straight shooter, excellent on follow-up and he gets the best product for the budget.”

Dakota Hansen

Axel Tayson

Project Manager

“Axel is one of the hardest workers I know, and he’s very detail-oriented.”

Dakota Hansen

Ruben Flores

Service Manager

"Ruben is diligent, doesn't leave anything unfinished and goes the extra mile.”

Dakota Hansen


Our thorough and rigorous selection process is a true benefit to our customers. Each crew is dedicated to doing the job to spec because warranties are so critical in roofing. Our crews are also dependable and arrive at the job when they’re supposed to and stay until the customer is satisfied. There’s no doubt that our construction background facilitates our decisions when hiring crews. And we are fortunate that our crews have worked with us for years.