New School Construction Metal Wall Panels

Clark Roofing was selected to install all metal wall panels and all insulated metal panels and trim on the new Midway ISD school located on Ritchie Road in Waco, Texas.

There are approximately 4,375 square feet of sheet metal wall panels (SMWP) on the dormer building. Sheet metal wall panels are also known as screen walls and weather screens. These panels are not typically watertight and are more for protection of underlying waterproofing substrates and for architectural aesthetics and provide a very nice-looking protective barrier.

Clark Roofing installed approximately 9,075 square feet of insulated metal panels, or MCM, ACM, IMP, on four elevations of the building.  This is a vital method in exterior waterproofing and is a complete system with multiple composite components. It is very durable, highly aesthetic, and provides additional insulation R-Value to the building envelope.