News interviewed Clark Roofing Owner, Dakota Hansen in April 2021 covering a variety of topics. In the April 22nd Customer Corner column, Dakota’s tips on choosing a roofer were used:

As a roofing customer, what questions should they be asking? What should they look out for when hiring a roofer?

When in the process of selecting a roofing contractor, you should ask for referrals – previous customers, both residential and commercial including phone numbers and email addresses. You should also ask what insurance the company carries, recent residential and commercial projects, manufacturers with whom they are certified installers, and warranties. Don’t solely rely on searching for Roofer Near Me!

How did you start your business? What is the story? Where is it now?

Clark Roofing fulfills a demand realized by Mike Clark’s other business, J. Michael Clark Builders, Central Texas’ leading custom home builder and general contractor. Mike Clark and his team built many of Central Texas’ iconic homes. They also played a part in the revitalization of downtown Waco including the remodel of River Square Center, the 90,000+ square foot office and retail space where Ninfa’s, Cricket’s Grill and Draft House, Diamondback’s, Spice Village, The Olive Branch, and Roots Boutique are located.

With a reputation for being meticulous, Mike experienced so much frustration with area roofing contractors over the years that he decided to form a subsidiary roofing contracting business that would provide superior quality and superior customer service at a reasonable cost. Clark Roofing opened in 1987 to serve residential and commercial customers in Central Texas. Just as with J. Michael Clark Builders, Clark Roofing treats every roofing job as a custom project. And, because of our custom construction background, we are able to provide an expert construction manager for all roofing projects.  

Now, nearly 35 years later, Clark Roofing is one of the leading roofing contractors in Central Texas. In late 2020, Clark Roofing completed the roof system and wall panels for the newly constructed, BASE, a multi-use facility located at the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo grounds. Other recent projects had our team in the Texas Panhandle and west Texas, and today, we’re poised to expand south and north along the I-35 corridor.

 What is your favorite interview question to ask potential new hires?

Are you artistic? Some people think roofing is simple. But the truth is, each roof requires extreme detail (especially on the commercial side), so it’s important to understand how things are put together on a 3-dimensional level. An artistic person is able to see things in a creative way which allows them to estimate and install a roof correctly.

Are there “red flags” you look out for when hiring new team members?

People who jump from company to company usually throw up a red flag. Why the change?

What kind of marketing channels generate the most business for you?

People find us on Google whether it be our business listing or our website which is SEO organically. We maintain a social media presence for top-of-mind awareness. 

When it comes to cash flow do you have any tricks or tips that you use to keep the business running smoothly?

As an owner, you can get complacent in seeing a large number of checks coming in and out. Having run the company from the inside and out, it’s easy for me to know my business front and back. Having played the office role helps me keep tabs on all financials.

What kind of strategies do you employ to make sure that customers pay on time?

We use Quickbooks, it is a powerful tool that helps keep track of invoices.

What advice would you give to someone just starting a roofing/solar business, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to put your name out there. The best business comes from people knowing YOU, not the company.

How do you balance work and life? Do you have any tricks?

Owning a business is time-consuming. Everyone wants to be a business owner, but it requires a high level of self-control. You’re the boss, so you only answer to yourself. How hard you work is how well you do.

What are your plans for 2021?

We will continue to serve our Central Texas customers while growing north and south of Waco. We will likely hire a second person to handle a portion of sales development on the residential side. And as we grow and serve areas outside Central Texas, our pipeline of potential hires must also grow.