Silicone Repairs Commercial Roof Leak

Silicone Repairs Commercial Roof Leak

Project Overview

MHC Kenworth is a truck leasing company with hundreds of locations across America. As a full-service truck dealer, MHC not only sells trucks, but also services them. These service centers house thousands of dollars of equipment that can become permanently damaged if water gets in. After experiencing leaks in their 35,000 square foot Robinson, Texas location, they decide to have Clark Roofing come in and offer a watertight solution that wouldn’t break the bank.

The Problem

The TPO roof was 16 years old when Clark Roofing was called. There was no warranty on the roof so any issues were to be resolved by the building owner. When the roof began leaking, MHC needed a solution without tearing off their roof and halting service in their shop.

There were leaks in the front of the building as well as in several bays. The leaks started small but quickly grew into a major problem for MHC. Ponding water had damaged the TPO so badly that they wondered whether or not a silicone roof restoration was even an option. Thanks to Clark Roofing’s strong history with TPO roofs and silicone roof restorations, they were able to offer a solution that was impervious to ponding water and cost effective.

Silicone Repairs Commercial Roof Leak

The Solution

In just four days, Clark Roofing was able to restore the entire TPO roof using PM Silicone:
1. First, the team cleaned the roof and removed any damaged areas.
2. Next, they power-washed the entire roof to completely wash away any leftover dirt/grime.
3. Since the roof had some major damage in some areas, Clark Roofing had to weld some of the existing substrate to prepare it for the silicone coating.
4. After preparing the TPO substrate, the team treated all seams, and penetrations with PM’s FG-401 Flashing Grade Silicone.
5. Finally, the team applied PM’s 3201 White High Solids Silicone Roof Coating to the prepped TPO.

Final Analysis

When all was said and done, Clark Roofing fully restored this damaged roof in only four days. The shop never needed to close or stop service and now has a full 20-year warranty on their roof. The building is not only watertight now, but also is a lot cooler given the silicone’s white color. PM silicone reflects up to 88% of the sun’s UV rays keeping the building cooler in the hot Texas sun. This whole process was half the cost of a roof replacement, saving MHC a considerable amount of money. Additionally, by restoring this roof as opposed to putting on a new roof, they were able to fix the roof far sooner than they would have been able to using a traditional roof substrate. PM silicone is one of the only roofing materials available during the COVID-caused supply chain issues and using them saved MHC months of headache on this building.