Q&A with Waco Roofer Dakota Hansen

What do you like about roofing?

In roofing, there’s lots of production. For some jobs, we can finish in one day, unlike construction, which can take six months to a year. Roofing is fast and furious, and it makes customers happy. You go from bad to good and old to new.

What roofing jobs are you most proud of?

On the commercial side, it’s the Texas First State’s motor bank (below) at Bosque Boulevard near Wooded Acres. It was one of my first projects, which is probably why it’s so memorable. Today, Texas First State is BankcorpSouth.

Waco Roofer Dakota Hansen

This house (below) in Lorena is my favorite residential job because the roof is steep and really pretty, in my opinion.

Waco Roofer Dakota Hansen

Tell us about the Clark Roofing team.

Mike Anderson is our commercial roofing guy and has many successful years of roofing in Central Texas. Fortunately for me, he fell into my lap, and I quickly hired him. I like that he’s detail-oriented, a videographer, a photographer, and a social media nut.

Mike and Joseph Hardy had worked together, and Mike knew he was a good salesperson, so I hired him on the residential side, which was a good decision. There are so many components to a roof, and Joseph doesn’t miss anything. His knowledge of insurance claims works to the benefit of customers, and they appreciate him because he goes out of his way.

Our project manager is Axel Tayson. He’s a detail guy, and he works, and works, and works. When we needed him to drive nine hours to El Paso, no problem. Long hours are not a problem for Axel.

Regarding subcontractors, I have a rigorous selection process and a simple retention policy.  For selection, not only do I look at their work, but I also ask questions that only professional roof installers can answer. Then, once a relationship is forged, I require two things — dedication and being on-time. And our crews are just that. One of our crews has worked with us since 2005.